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cr: SuperJunior吧

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omganniemay-deactivated20140401 asked:
Hello :3 Would you be interested in Group Card (S,F&S B) for Siwon (S,F&S B) ? :3

oh my god i just viewed ur message today.i’m sorry its already traded 


I will be an ELF not just now but FOREVER :)

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EXO XOXO Photocard/Id card :

Chen id card trdae to SEHUN or sell for $13

Kris id card trade to LUHAN

ask me here —> @simbayeoja

insmeloticbaby asked:
Hi.. Regarding the avex version group card (sungmin standing straight) may I know the total including Registered Shipping (with tracking number) to Malaysia?

it may take US$32 with registered mail :) let me know soon if u are okay bcs i wanna go to post office tomorrow